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    1. 母兔子宮炎的的病癥和治療方法

      發布日期:2023-02-27 來源:http://www.hempdirector.com 發布人:xinhuachang

      Symptom: subacute endometritis
      The mother rabbit's body temperature rises, the appetite decreases or disappears, and urinates frequently, arches back, and expels gray white or light brown mucus or purulent secretion containing foul smell from the vagina.
      Intrauterine drug delivery with artificial inseminated vas deferens: Penicillin, ampicillin, lincomycin, neomycin and other drugs can be dissolved in 2mL of 0.9% saline+10 standard units of oxytocin solution to carry out one-time intrauterine drug delivery, once a day, and used for 3 to 5 days, and can not be replaced by a better person.
      The cause of the female rabbit's hysteritis in the Angora rabbit cage, viral infection: mainly the breeding and respiratory syndrome virus infection, some virus infection according to the upper respiratory tract infection through the gas, height-width ratio infection; Some are spread through the skin according to mosquito bites. Mosquitoes are not only the media of infection, but also the host of virus infection and transmission. Be sure to prevent mosquitoes and kill mosquitoes, and immediately protect the infected rabbits and do a good job of disinfection and sterilization.
      Bacterial infection: mainly caused by Escherichia coli, Streptococcus, Corynebacterium canker, Salmonella, Streptococcus and Chlamydia, as well as pathogenic bacteria, such as Trichomonas and Bacillus.
      Mycotoxins: mainly including gibberellin, T2 endotoxin, etc. Improve the management methods of feed raw materials and finished products, resolutely eliminate moisture and mildew, do a good job in the work of removing insects and mice in the feed warehouse, avoid pests and mice, reduce the spread of Aspergillus flavus, and prevent endotoxin damage.
      The natural environment is not clean: the rabbit house, place, corridor and special tools for feed are not disinfected and sterilized in time, and the mother rabbit's bottom plate is dirty, which makes the bacteria enter the uterus through the vulva and cause inflammation. Other pathogenic microbial susceptibility: such as mycoplasma, the pregnant rabbits infected by mycoplasma often produce miscarriage, which leads to the production of rabbit endometritis.
      Uterine inflammation of the mother rabbit is the inflammation of the mucous membrane of the uterus of the mother rabbit after giving birth to the child, and the discharge of viscous or purulent secretions. You will often find pools of milky milk on the stool plate. If the treatment is not immediate or unreasonable, the female rabbit will lose its reproductive rate. So for this disease, as a breeder, you should do a good job of prevention in time! More rabbit breeding content comes to our website http://www.hempdirector.com Ask!
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