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    1. 養兔子添喂葡萄糖養殖效果如何?

      發布日期:2023-03-08 來源:http://www.hempdirector.com 發布人:xinhuachang

      How about the effect of feeding rabbits with glucose? In fact, to understand this problem, we should first understand that rabbits love sweet taste. Therefore, if 8% - 12% glucose is added to the formula feed or mixed feed of long-haired rabbits, it can cover up the uncomfortable taste in the feed, stimulate the appetite of rabbits, increase the intake of food, and speed up the weight gain. Generally, the weight gain of young rabbits can be increased by about 25%, and reduce the waste of feed caused by the pickiness of rabbits.
      Adding 8% - 12% glucose in rabbit feed can make it absorb quickly, so as to increase physical strength, supplement nutrition, protect liver cells from harmful factors, enhance their resistance to infectious diseases and poisoning diseases, greatly reduce the incidence rate of rabbits, and significantly reduce deaths from unknown causes.
      From 12 days before the breeding of female rabbits, 20 g - 30 g glucose was added to the diet or dissolved in water for feeding, and the female proportion of newborn rabbits was increased by 12% after the breeding. To rejuvenate the weak young rabbits, adding 15% glucose to the diet of the weak young rabbits can increase the appetite of the weak young rabbits. On the basis of strengthening the feeding management, it can rejuvenate the weak young rabbits quickly.
      From the 20th day of pregnancy to the 2nd day after delivery, 20 grams of glucose can be added to the daily diet of the female rabbit, which can effectively prevent the occurrence of epidemics. Because rabbits are picky in eating, they often do not like to eat because of the smell of medicine. If 15% glucose is added at the same time, it can improve the rabbit's food intake and ensure that the rabbit can eat enough medicine. Glucose can be added to stimulate the rabbit's desire to drink water and improve the effect of drug administration.
      From the above explanation, we can know that the effect of raising rabbits by adding glucose is still very effective. You can try it under the guidance of professionals, and more matters about raising rabbits will come to our website http://www.hempdirector.com Ask!
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