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    1. 關于安哥拉長毛兔的介紹以及飼養

      發布日期:2023-02-08 來源:http://www.hempdirector.com 發布人:xinhuachang

      Angora rabbit is a variety of Angora rabbit with strong adaptability, large size and high wool production. German rabbit belongs to fine hair type, with high density of rabbit hair, which can reach 16000-1800 hairs per square centimeter. It has a tuft structure, is not easy to tangle, and has a high hair yield. The annual wool yield of male rabbits is 1190g, and that of female rabbits is 1406g, up to 1700-2000g, with a hair length of 5.5-5.9cm. The annual litter yield is 3-4, and the mating and conception rate is 53.6%.
      So what are the methods of raising Angora rabbits?
      1、 Don't feed it with aquatic plants;
      2、 Do not feed rotten and moldy feed;
      3、 Do not feed mud and sand;
      4、 Four kinds of grass do not feed odor;
      5、 Some feeds cannot be fed at a certain growth stage. For example, when buckwheat blooms, flax is poisonous when seeds and stems are mature, and potatoes, especially immature potatoes, cannot be fed.
      Three-point observation
      1. Observe the rabbit's mental state. If rabbits are found to be listless, their eyes are wet, their ears are too red or too green, their back hair is disheveled, they can't lie down or they are short of breath, they are unhealthy.
      2. Observe the rabbit's appetite. Unhealthy rabbits have no appetite, eat less or squat and refuse to eat.
      3. Observe the changes of rabbit dung morphology. Rabbits with gastrointestinal diseases have sharp feces; The feces of rabbits suffering from constipation are dry and hard, and vary in size.
      Pay attention to disease prevention.
      2、 Pay attention to the selection of breeding rabbits.
      3、 Pay attention to timely selection.
      4、 Pay attention to the management of raising rabbits. Both male and female rabbits should not be fed too fat or too thin. During the breeding period, the number of male rabbits should be increased by 25%, and some beans and malt should be properly fed. The nutrition of female rabbits should be increased in time to avoid malnutrition.
      5、 Pay attention to the management of young rabbits, and do a good job in the litter, lactation, feeding, weaning and cluster management of female rabbits
      6、 Pay attention to feed diversification.
      7、 During the feeding period, the old, weak, sick, disabled, pregnant rabbits, lactating mother rabbits and young rabbits should be given proper care
      The above is about the Angolan rabbit breeding methods and the introduction of Angolan rabbit. I hope that the above contents can help you and thank you for your support. Come to our website for more relevant content http://www.hempdirector.com Consult and understand!
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