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    1. 秋季飼養長毛兔要抓好秋繁和換毛期管理!

      發布日期:2023-02-13 來源:http://www.hempdirector.com 發布人:xinhuachang

      Autumn is a good season for raising rabbits with suitable climate, sufficient feed and rich nutrition. The focus of breeding management is to do a good job in autumn breeding and hair changing period management. The manufacturer will explain to you below.
      Grasp the breeding in autumn.
      Autumn is a good breeding season for the county head rabbit. However, it is found in the production practice that the long-haired rabbit has just passed the midsummer and the breeding rabbit is relatively thin. Therefore, breeding management should be strengthened before autumn, attention should be paid to artificial supplement of light, and the method of compound breeding should be implemented to improve the rate of breeding conception and ensure the reproduction of 1~2 births in autumn.
      Strengthen feeding management.
      The autumn of adult rabbits is in the period of hair changing. The rabbits in the period of hair changing consume more nutrition and have a thinner physique. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the feeding management, properly feed refined feed with high protein content, and avoid feeding dew grass to prevent enteritis, diarrhea and other diseases.
      Do a good job in epidemic prevention and sanitation.
      Autumn is a season of frequent diseases, especially when young rabbits are prone to colds, pneumonia, enteritis and other diseases. It is necessary to strengthen the prevention and treatment of these common diseases from the perspective of breeding management. At the same time, we should do a good job in the prevention of severe infectious diseases such as rabbit plague and Pasteurella. We should also strictly prevent the outbreak of coccidiosis and strengthen the prevention and treatment of scabies.
      Do a good job in rabbit group adjustment.
      In the autumn of each year, the general rabbit farm should make a comprehensive adjustment to the rabbit population according to the wool production and reproductive performance of the long-haired rabbit, and select the rabbits with good wool production performance, strong reproductive ability and neat offspring to continue to be used as seed; Poor production performance or old, weak, sick and disabled rabbits should be eliminated as soon as possible, and excellent reserve rabbits should be selected to supplement the breeding rabbit group.
      Stock feed as early as possible.
      After the beginning of autumn, the forage seeds, leaves begin to fall, and crops are harvested successively. The forage and fodder should be collected and stored as early as possible for winter and spring. If the harvest is too late, the stems and leaves will age and the crude fiber content will increase, which will reduce the digestible nutrients and affect the feeding value.
      The management content of raising long-haired rabbits in autumn has been explained to you. I hope you can understand it. Please come to our website for more details http://www.hempdirector.com Ask about it!
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