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    1. 飼養安哥拉兔時常見的8個問題

      發布日期:2023-02-17 來源:http://www.hempdirector.com 發布人:xinhuachang

      Angora rabbit is a famous long-haired rabbit. Many rabbit hair products use Angora rabbit hair. Its hair is thick and silky. As a pet rabbit, it is also very popular. Let's take a look at eight common problems when raising Angora rabbits.
      1. How much is an angora rabbit
      Because Angora rabbit has high commercial value and is widely cultivated, its price is not too expensive. Generally, you can buy an ordinary Angora rabbit for two or three hundred yuan. Those who require blood lineage are 500 to 1000 yuan each.
      2. How long does Angora rabbit live
      Angora rabbits can live up to 8 to 10 years, but pet rabbits that are really fed can live up to 5 years, and those who can live up to 8 years are very long.
      3. How often do Angora rabbits get their hair cut
      Angora rabbit hair is very long and grows very fast. Generally, it needs to be sheared every three months, preferably four to five times a year. Each time it is sheared, it can harvest about 400 grams of rabbit hair.
      4. Can Angora rabbits take a bath
      Angora rabbits can take a bath, but baby rabbits within 4 months are not recommended to take a bath. Angora rabbits after 4 months can be washed. When bathing rabbits, pay attention to using soft special bath gel. The water temperature should not be too hot. After washing, pay attention to drying to keep rabbits warm and prevent colds.
      5. Angora rabbit stinks
      Although Angora rabbit is a long-haired rabbit, it has no body odor and no odor. But the rabbit's urine has a strong smell. Clear the excrement, pad the cat litter with strong water absorption at the bottom of the cage, and change the cat litter frequently, which can effectively remove the odor.
      6. Do Angora rabbits bite
      It is said that rabbits will bite in a hurry, and Angora rabbits may bite. If it is in the period of tooth grinding or is frightened, if the owner reaches out to tease it, it may bite. Because rabbits are herbivores, there are not as many germs in their bodies as cats and dogs. Rabies vaccine is not necessary if they are bitten by rabbits, and there is no rabies virus in rabbits. If you are bitten accidentally, you only need to wash the wound with soapy water, drain the dirty blood, and then disinfect it with iodophor. Of course, it is safer to inject tetanus in time.
      7. Angora rabbit can't eat anything
      In addition to preparing rabbit food and hay, Angora rabbits can also be fed carrots or cabbage. Cookies and bread should not be fed to rabbits, and coffee, chocolate, peanuts and corn should not be fed to rabbits.
      8. Do Angora rabbits recognize their owners
      Angora rabbit is a quiet and gentle animal. It knows its master. It can feel the owner's timely feeding, playing with it, or touching it in its arms.
      Angora rabbit's fluffy hair often covers the eyes and even the whole face, and it looks like a hair ball. It is also a net red "grass mud rabbit". Are you interested in him? Welcome to contact us http://www.hempdirector.com !
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