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    1. 有關長毛兔飼養管理的四個要點

      發布日期:2023-02-25 來源:http://www.hempdirector.com 發布人:xinhuachang

      We must pay close attention to the issue of raising and management of long-haired rabbits, which is also to make you better raise long-haired rabbits and achieve good results. Let's analyze it.
      1、 Feed should be rich in protein
      The feed composition of long-haired rabbits must have a high protein level. It is estimated that each kilogram of wool produced by wool rabbits is equivalent to 7kg of protein consumed by meat rabbits. At the same time, other nutrients such as energy, fiber, minerals and vitamins must be balanced. In the protein, there should be sulfur-containing amino acids, methionine and arginine, which promote the growth of rabbit hair.
      In order to improve the wool yield and the quality of rabbit hair, sulfur substances and physiological active substances that promote the growth of rabbit hair can be added to the feed, such as rare earth additives, pine needle powder, silkworm excrement, sulfur, choline and betaine.
      2、 Nutrition supply should be phased
      The stage of nutrition refers to the great changes in the environment of wool rabbits before and after shearing, so the nutrition requirements adapt to the needs of this change. Especially in the colder season, the thick insulation layer is suddenly lost after shearing, which requires more energy to maintain body temperature. At the same time, shearing can stimulate the growth of rabbit hair, which requires a lot of excellent protein.
      Therefore, within 3 weeks after shearing, the level of energy and protein in the feed should be appropriately increased, and the feeding amount should also be increased, or the way of free feeding should be adopted to promote the growth of rabbit hair.
      3、 Grasp early weight gain
      Strengthening early nutrition can promote the differentiation of hair follicles, improve the density of hair, and increase body weight and skin surface area, which is the key measure to raise wool rabbits. It is generally understood that from weaning to the age of 3 months, it should be fed with feed with higher nutritional level.
      4、 Pay attention to weight control
      Although the larger the weight is, the larger the area of wool production is, the more wool production is. However, the larger the weight is, the lower the efficiency of wool production is. That is, the proportion of nutrition used for wool production and maintenance is small, and the utilization time is short. Therefore, the weight should be controlled at 4~4.5 kg generally. The principle of promoting the nutrition level before and controlling the nutrition level after: generally, reduce energy by 5%, protein by 1 percentage point, and keep the amino drum level unchanged; It is also possible to control the intake, that is, to provide 85% - 90% of the free intake, while the nutrition level remains unchanged.
      Here are the four main points about the breeding and management of long-haired rabbits. If you have any doubts or needs about this, please come to our website http://www.hempdirector.com Ask!
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