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    1. 一份長毛兔的挑選秘籍!

      發布日期:2023-03-01 來源:http://www.hempdirector.com 發布人:xinhuachang

      Angora rabbit, also known as Angora rabbit, is a very cute rabbit. Many people especially want to buy one because they like its gentle character and fluffy shape. However, many people are confused when choosing rabbits in the pet market. They don't know what kind of rabbit is worth starting with. So Xiao Bian specially compiled a selection script of rabbits for your reference.
      1、 Understand morphological characteristics
      1. Overall: The rabbit is covered with thick silk-like fur. It looks very large and sometimes even covers its body. It is a veritable "hair ball".
      2. Body type: round.
      3. Eyes: round and big.
      4. Ear: The ear is V-shaped with tassel-like hair on the top.
      5. Color: The coat has various colors, such as white, black, gray, golden yellow, blue, chocolate, dark brown, light purple, etc. The eyes of white rabbits are red, and the eyes of colored rabbits are black. The coat of white long-haired rabbit is favorable for dyeing, so more people choose to buy white long-haired rabbit.
      2、 Check health status
      First grasp: grasp the skin behind the neck of the long-haired rabbit by hand. The skin plate is thin and tight for young rabbits. The skin plate is thick, mostly for middle-aged and old rabbits. It is recommended to choose young rabbits when purchasing.
      Second touch: touch a line. If the spine touches like an abacus ball in the hand, it means that malnutrition is a sign of being too thin. If there are two meat lines at one touch, this is "double ridge", which is a sign of being too fat, and it is not suitable for pet rabbit. Touch a large area and touch the rabbit's stomach. The focus of the female long-haired rabbit is to touch the breast to see whether it is symmetrical and how many pairs, and to touch the abdomen to see whether it is soft and elastic, and whether there are lumps. If the stomach is very loose, it is also a sign of dysplasia. It is recommended not to be included.
      Third blow: blow mainly checks the density of wool. The higher the density, the better the quality.
      Four turns: turn the long-haired rabbit over, look up and check the genitals and the back hair of the abdomen to see if there is athlete's foot, inflammation, cryptorchidism, etc.
      Five squeezing: gently squeeze from the rectum of the rabbit to the anus with your thumb. If one or two feces can be squeezed out, the digestive system is normal. If water is squeezed out, it proves that the digestive system is ill.
      3、 Precautions
      In order to avoid unnecessary trouble, the merchants should be asked to:
      1. Formal invoices are required.
      2. A perfect after-sales service system is required.
      3. Provide pedigree, epidemic prevention and quarantine certificates of rabbit breeds.
      4. Inform the product provenance, germplasm and pedigree.
      5. It is required to sign a purchase agreement, including product standards and requirements, certificate procedures, transportation matters, payment methods, rights and responsibilities, etc.
      The above is Xiaobian's sharing. Interested partners, please accept this selection script and try to buy it. More relevant content will come to our website http://www.hempdirector.com consulting service
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