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    1. 養殖兔子干瘦病的防治措施

      發布日期:2023-03-06 來源:http://www.hempdirector.com 發布人:xinhuachang

      Young rabbits within 3 months of age are more prone to a "dry and thin disease". The symptoms are loss of appetite, dull or discolored coat, stooped walking, pale conjunctiva, gradually thinning, and then skin and bone failure. The development of the surviving diseased rabbits stagnated and lost their breeding value. The main causes of the disease are as follows: serious degeneration of breeding rabbits; Poor feed quality; Parasitic diseases; Certain infectious diseases; Certain medical diseases. The comprehensive prevention and control measures are as follows. The manufacturer of Mengyin Longhair Rabbit will explain to you:
      1. Strengthen feeding management, pay attention to environmental sanitation, regularly disinfect rabbit cages and rabbit houses, and feed rabbits in groups according to their age, sex, weight and strength. The ration should be properly mixed to avoid single nutrition of feed. It is forbidden to feed moldy, toxic, frozen or dewy feed and forage.
      2. Establish pedigree files of breeding rabbits, establish breeding cards for male rabbits and female rabbits respectively, keep records of mating and littering, make the blood relationship of rabbits clear, and avoid inbreeding, early mating and continuous blood matching. Feed the lactating rabbits from the age of 20 days, and do a good job of changing from weaning to feeding.
      3. After weaning the young rabbits on time, they can be added to the feed with chlorphenformin and compound carbendazim to prevent coccidiosis. The dosage of chlorphenformin should be controlled at 15 mg per day for one rabbit, or 300 mg per kg of feed for 4 to 5 days; The dosage of Dibacterin is 1 tablet per day for each rabbit, which is fed continuously for 7 days, stopped for 3 days, and then fed for 7 days; The rabbit acariasis can be subcutaneously injected with Chongkexing, 0.2 ml per kilogram of body weight, repeated once every 7-10 days. Young rabbits about 2 months old can be fed with insect powder at 0.1 grams per kilogram of body weight into the feed once to prevent digestive tract parasitic diseases.
      4. Treatment of rabbits after chronic disease. For some chronic infectious diseases of rabbits, after treatment, the rabbits will become thin and stunted. You can choose Chinese herbs such as leech, goldenrod, geese, and purple back golden cow, and fry them in water. You can also use fresh rabbit blood mixture, 5~10ml each time, or take healthy rabbit blood for intramuscular injection, 2~3ml each time, once a day, for 3~5 days.
      That's all about the prevention and control measures of rabbit wasting disease. If you have any doubts or needs about it, please come to our website at any time http://www.hempdirector.com Consult and learn!
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